Apr 232014

Berghaus Monsoon JacketA few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative of Berghaus asking if I’d like to review one of their jackets, the Monsoon. As I was on the look out for a new one due to my current jacket bing too big now I’ve been running for over a year, a few emails later a lovely olive green Berghaus Monsoon Jacket arrived in the post and first impressions were good.

The quality felt excellent and compared with my (now) old one it is very light. It’s more minimal than I’m used to with only 1 medium pocket either side and no internal pockets but this isn’t always a bad thing as more pockets, for me, means I carry more rubbish. The hood is ‘stashed’ in the collar which is nice and high to keep out the wind and there is an elastic pull cord around the bottom to make things snug as well as ’hook and eye’ cuffs. The whole package is put together very well and seems ideal for spring or autumn but probably not so much in full winter where it’s not really designed to have many layers underneath.

I’ve worn it a lot since it arrived and being in the North West of the UK I can attest to its waterproof qualities, due to the AQ2 fabric, rain just runs off it and I’ve not noticed any leakage round the seems or the zip.

My only niggle is I’d have liked it to be a little longer, I’m just under six foot tall and it seems a little high on my ’backside’ but that may just be me being used to a different fit.

Price wise, looking at the market the jacket is aimed at it looks to be very good value, and if you look around it can be very, very good value. It seems to be available from most of the outdoor retailers such as Blacks or Millets and can be found in a few different colours.

Would I buy one? Tricky… it’s not the type of jacket I’d normally purchase but after wearing it for a while I’d certainly consider it when looking for a new one.

Apr 072014
All Hold While Training

I’ve not had much to post on here recently as a lot of my spare time has been spent either fixing injuries, working out how to fit a trail marathon training plan into my weekends or actually training as I’ve entered the Trail Marathon Wales in June and I want to give myself the best chance I can. What this mean realistically is that I haven’t been fishing or ‘properly’ walking since the back end of last year but the [... read rest of post]

Jan 272014
Merrell Trail Glove 2 Review

I’d been wanting to test Merrell Trail Glove shoes since I’d first read and heard about the ‘barefoot’ way of running, or ‘bareform’ as Merrell call it so it was great to be given the opportunity to review a pair by nightgear.co.uk. On opening the box first impressions were wow, these things weigh nothing and they look great, I couldn’t wait to get them on and go for my first ‘barefoot’ run. Taking my queue from all the articles on [... read rest of post]

Nov 212013
Weekend Running and Walking, Ingleborough, Yorkshire

Fishing has been on hold for a while, not through any specific reason, more like a combination of small things. The weather hasn’t really been up to much here in Lancashire plus we’d been putting in a bit of training running wise as a few weeks ago we went up to Clapham in Yorkshire for a couple of days running and walking. A group of us from SRC Chorley stayed in the The Old Manor House, bunkhouse boys in one [... read rest of post]

Oct 042013
Anniversary Adventure on Arran

This anniversary we were once again visiting an island but not Anglesey, we were going to Scotland for the first time since our honeymoon up in Fort William 15 years ago and this was to be our first visit to Arran. We made good time up the motorways into Scotland and arrived at Ardrossan far, far to early so had a quick walk round the ferry terminal while waiting for our crossing. The crossing on the ‘MV Isle of Arran’ [... read rest of post]

Sep 012013
Late August Fly Fishing at Mere Beck

It’s been a while since we did any ‘proper’ fly fishing as we’ve either been away, sea fishing or either running or training for some sort of running related silliness so I was looking forward to a visit to our local fly fishery, Mere Beck. The lakes looked great and Gordon, the owner of the fishery had obviously been busy during the summer months with the lakes, streams, reed beds and trees all beautifully maintained. The weather was bright with [... read rest of post]

Aug 152013
Holyhead Mountain via the Stacks

After our somewhat strenuous walk up Snowdon in the blazing heat our next walk was the little easier Holyhead Mountain. Not really a mountain in the ‘proper’ sense but that’s what it’s called and getting to the top did involve a few mountain goat style climbs in places. We started our walk at the car park just above RSPB South Stack where looking back down to the light house and forward to North Stack you got some amazing views of [... read rest of post]

Aug 112013
Sometimes a Normal Watch Just Isn't Good Enough

As a sea angler it is essential that you can quickly find the time due to the nature of the tides we fish. Therefore an accurate watch that your can see in the dark is invaluable. Internet Fusion have a few online presences which cater for this market very well and looking though their catalogue the quality and range seems to ‘gel’ with what we as anglers would require. The following article has been written by Internet Fusion and is [... read rest of post]

Aug 092013
Sunset over Sandy Beach Sea Fishing

Another of our favourite beaches on Anglesey is Sandy Beach, and yes it really is called that. Local information says that you fish it a couple of hours either side of low water for either; Bass if there’s a surf or Smooth Hound if it’s flat. As Anglesey was treating us to some truly fantastic weather we visited Sandy Beach one evening over low water. The sea was mirror calm as we loaded our pulley rigs with fresh Peeler crab, [... read rest of post]

Aug 072013
Tech or technique? What's the best way to make a great catch?

[Source: whitbyseaanglers] Fishing has been around for at least 40,000 years. So it’s safe to say that we’ve got a handle on the methods and techniques used to ensure we make our catch of the day. In all areas, from oceans and rivers to resources and lakes, there’s not one definitive direction to take because every fisherman will tell you something different. That this particular way is better or that specific tool is useful when fishing. But now we live [... read rest of post]