May 122007
Dogfish from Caim Head

Dogfish from Caim Head

We set off last Friday (just over a week ago) for our first trip to Anglesey this year, looking forward to a bit of fishing and a long weekend away. Our first stop was at a new tackle shop in Menai Bridge owned and run by Gareth, the founder of the sea fishing forum, where we picked up some bait and as usual bought some bits and pieces.

We spent our first evening targeting Bass out of the Menai Straits but all we could catch was weed as the wind was blowing strongly down the Straits, even if we’d had a bite I doubt we’d have seen it! A shame really as last year this venue produced my best ever Bass.

The following day (Saturday) the wind was very strong which made it impossible to fish anywhere on the West of the island, which is what we had planned so after a quick trip to see Gareth again for some advice we ended up on the East side on a beautiful headland called Caim Head.

Caim Head Dogfish, Anglesey

Caim Head Dogfish, Anglesey

The place was magnificent and very sheltered from the wind so we proceeded to empty the area immediately in front of us of Dogfish. No matter what bait we put out the call went up – Dogfish! We had a fantastic time and probable caught about 10 or so in total, some up to about 2lbs and we stayed until the light started to fail – another great venue on this beautiful island.

Sunday arrived and with it came the rain…

Rain doesn’t really matter to sea fishing but the wind hadn’t dropped at all so a very lazy day was had by us both, doing nothing except a bit of reading and watching the snooker final of all things.

Monday – time to go home. We stopped off at Penmon Lighthouse cafe for tea and a lovely slice of lemon sandwich cake and just sat, read and watched the birds and the boats go by. Not many fish this time but who cares – in such fantastic surroundings catching fish is almost a distraction.

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  8 Responses to “Angling on Anglesey, May Bank Holiday”

  1. wow, sounds like you both had a really great weekend. like the pictures although i feel the one of you looks a bit too pixelated around your outline almost as if you had photoshopped yourself into the picture. or maybe wendy did it and you’ve been finishing off your bathroom all weekend for bad behaviour. hehe.

    do you think you could pop over to south america and catch me some leetle fish for my tanks?

    nums. –

  2. Ta Chas.

    I’d love to go to S Africa – you are paying right?



  3. Bruce Willis caught on camera by paparazzi.

    Nice catch Stu.

  4. Hi Stu

    The weather this weekend is absolutely beautiful and we have been barbecuing for days in our garden.

    On the weekend following your windy experience we are returning from Devon following my mother-in-law’s funeral. It was rain all the way and we didn’t see good weather again till this last week.

    I kept thinking the weather forecasters has got it wrong but I had been looking at the London forecast as all my web pages were not as I expected since changing to Firefox.


  5. Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you!

    I have a Fishing site.

    Come and check it out if you get time ;)

  6. nice site like the fishing section am from bolton myself .will look again soon

  7. There are just days when you can’t escape Dogfish not matter what you try. At least it looks like a really nice place to fish.

  8. i agree anglesey fishing is fantastic,you should try down at Dulas estuary,great sea bass and in aug the chance of the odd sea trout,we rent a small cottage called min y don in the estuary,who also provide fishing kayacks!!

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