Fairhavens’ Sea Fishing Flounder Fiesta

River Ribble Estuary at Fairhaven, Lytham
River Ribble Estuary at Fairhaven, Lytham

Well not exactly a fiesta but the first match of season for Blackpool and Layton Angling Society (BLAS) got off to a cracking start today with light winds and glorious sunshine as the eight of us met up at lunchtime at Fairhaven Lake, Lytham, which sits on the other side of the promenade to the Ribble Estuary into which we would be fishing.

The target species today was Flounder as they moved into the river with the tide to feed on crabs, worms or whatever else these greedy fish can get their mouths round. Usually we’d fish for Flounder with peeler crab but there was non to be had without having to travel for hours so Wendy and I had got hold of some black lug, ragworm and mackerel which we were hoping would be OK for today.

Shackys' Fairhaven Flounder
Shackys' Fairhaven Flounder

We waited for the water to hit the bottom of the wall, and the walkers to move off the beach and then all cast in, hopes high for some non-stop Flounder action.

Most of the guys were concerned about lack of crab for bait but it didn’t seem to make much difference for those anglers that had it as the fishing was very slow. Shacky was into a fish about an hour into the match of about a pound in weight but mine and Wendys’ baits were coming back in untouched until about half an hour later when Wendys’ rod showed a very positive bite.

She waited awhile until it showed again then quickly reeled in to find… nothing. We were all a bit shocked that nothing was hooked but I suppose that’s fishing.

A few minutes later I saw a slight knock but thought nothing of it until on reeling in when I managed to land a Flounder as well. Not as big as Shackys’ but still, a fish is a fish when your match fishing.

A Fairhaven Flounder
A Fairhaven Flounder

And then it went quiet, occasionally bites registered but we just couldn’t connect with the fish for some reason as all they seemed to be doing was nibbling at the Mackerel they seemed to prefer today rather than gulping it down like they normally do.

We called it a day at 3 o’clock as the tide was started to ebb and soon there wouldn’t be enough water to fish into. Dave managed to win the match with three fish, Neil with two then Shacky and me with one each. As this match was the RNLI trophy we had a collection for the lads and lasses of the RNLI and raised a bit of cash to help in their funding.

The fishing was not as good as expected but the weather was fantastic and it was great to be out on the first sunday of Britsh Summer Time. The next match is up at Fleetwood in about three weeks, at a venue we’ve not fished before called Fleetwood Channel, so we’re looking forward to that one, hopefully someone will inform the fish.



  1. stan120275 said:

    Hi, liked the info you posted re flounder fishing off Fairhaven wall. I live in Lytham too and have been speaking to some of the local guys to look at some other productive points. They have suggested public slip way just opposite the YMCA football pitch on Lytham promenade (the one where the shrimping boats are normally seen being launched). Apparently a walk down the slip way and following a pebble path too the right right down to the river at low water is a great place for flatties. Not sure if anyone has any proof of this but I am considering this next week. I also wondered if anyone knew what types of mullet we get in the Ribble estuary as I wouldn’t mind a crack at failing to catch these as well!

    August 9, 2009
  2. Stu said:

    Hi Stan

    Thanks for your comments, we’ve fished to the right of where you mention at low water where we had some great results even though it was a little muddy.

    As for Mullet – I’m still trying to find a good place to ambush them myself, saw a couple in the Douglas today but we were flattie bashing, and they didn’t seem to be handing around at all – i think i need to find a creek to pre-bait for a week with bread – that’s the plan anyway.


    August 9, 2009

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