Fantastic Weather at Fleetwood, Fishing the Channel

Fleetwood Channel - Looking East Towards  Knott End
Fleetwood Channel - Looking East Towards Knott End

We woke this morning to a truly stunning day and as we made our way to Fleetwood to fish a Blackpool and Leyton Angling Society (BLAS) match the weather just seemed to get better and better. Shacky and JP were already there and not soon after Sparky and Millsy arrived so we made our way down to the edge of the channel. Fleetwood channel is actually the estuary of the River Wyre and is kept clear (and deep) as Fleetwood is a working port with regular sailings to Northern Ireland and The Isle of Mann

We cast just to the edge of the faster moving water so that our baits could stay anchored to the sea bed rather than be dragged out to sea by the swiftly ebbing tide and, where we were hoping the fish would be hunting in the back eddies for food.

A Small Flounder for Wendy
A Small Flounder for Wendy

It took a while for bites to start but a slight shift in wind (more like a light breeze) direction from East to West resulted in Wendy landing a very plump rockling, shortly followed by Sparky.

Then it developed into a two horse race as Shacky landed a Flounder, then Wendy, then Shacky again, all the while myself and the other guys congratulating their success, honestly.

Shacky finally landed an eel which with the other fish won him the match, with Wendy coming 2nd and Sparky third.

It was hard fishing, we tried all sorts of baits; Lug, Squid, Mackerel, Peeler Crab and it didn’t really seem to make much difference – Wendy was catching on Lug, Shacky on Crab.

But what a lovely day to be out, blue skies, light breezes and flocks of birds taking to wing opposite us whenever they were disturbed. There was even a seal swimming around in the channel that every so often would vanish then a few minutes later appear somewhere else with a fish in it’s mouth. Sometimes fishing is better left to the natives while we just watch.

The venue has produced some good fish, and in quantity, which is why the BLAS guys picked it for this time of year, but for some reason the fish just weren’t playing today…

…at least not for me.

Looking West Down Fleetwood Channel
Looking West Down Fleetwood Channel


  1. Paul Abbott (abbo) said:

    Hi Stu Wendy,

    Just caught up with your adventures – I last read them about 18 months ago. Super read looks like you have had some good times/fun. Really enjoyed the blog nice one.

    Still fishing myself ‘poorly’ fished Barmouth last Wednesday the Bass were not in doh! my mate fishing Rich had two PBs two days later doh! tried Caldy and blanked again, oh well still enjoying it, my luck will change.

    Anyway, by for now and great blog again, well done.

    Cheers Abbo.

    April 29, 2009
  2. Stu said:

    Hiya Paul – thanks for the visit. Was it Rich had had the 7 & 8 pounders?

    April 29, 2009
  3. martin said:

    Hi im new on here and was after a bit of information on fishing in fleetwood,am i better fishing upto a high tide or fishing on a high to a low,not been sea fishing long but know all basics as used to do alot of course fishing.Was hoping to go this week but cant make most of high tides only going down tide,could someone please help?

    May 26, 2009
  4. Stu said:

    The channel where we fished is better a couple of hours down to low water then maybe 1 up.

    Most of the coastline round there – down to and including cleveleys is usually fished either 2 hours either side of high or 2 either side of low. I’ve had the same sort of results from either but be very careful when fishing low water that the gulleys do not fill up behind you.

    tbh it’s easier and more comfortable to fish high.

    At the moment not much is showing although everyone is waiting for the Bass to show properly on the Fylde coast and there should be some smoothhounds show up soon off Blackpool but you’ll need peeler crab for bait where as everything else will take either black or blow lug.

    I’d expect maybe Flounder and the odd small whiting until these others turn up.

    Hope this helps.

    For more info you could always pop onto the forum, there’s usually a few guys on there that fish the area.

    May 26, 2009
  5. Hi My name is Warren (cobstan) I rain from Suffolk. But have lift in Lacashire now 21 years. Since i retired From Deepses Fishing.
    tough I was a Trawler Man I still Beached fished. Now at 68 I am wondering ? i love beach fishing,which bit of beach do or would I would fish from Fleetwood?

    March 28, 2010
  6. Stu said:

    Hi Warren

    There are loads of marks around Fleetwood;

    A few favourites are the channel which is just to the right of where the pier used to be (the north side of fleetwood), Rossal Point which is good at both high and low water which is about the most NW point you can get to and one of our favorites is to the west where there is a car park just round the corner from the hospital.

    The best info i can give though is go and have a look at the BLAS website / forum and maybe even join the club (BLAS = Blackpool and Layton Angling Society), they have a venue section here:

    March 28, 2010
  7. MILLSY said:

    Top reads Stu and great pics

    May 26, 2010
  8. Stu said:

    Thanks Millsy – it keeps me out of trouble :)

    May 26, 2010
  9. phil H said:

    Is there any boats go out of fleetwood now, seem to remember going of a boat there about 30 years ago Phil

    August 4, 2010
  10. Stu said:

    Hi Phil

    The big fishing fleet from about 30 years ago is no longer there unfortunately but there are a few sea fishing charter boats that go out from the Marina behind the ‘Freeport’ plus the usual ferries to the Isle of Mann

    August 4, 2010
  11. phil H said:

    What fish are likely to be about at this time of the year?

    August 5, 2010
  12. Stu said:

    I’m not sure from a boat but given a decent Westerly there should be Bass along the Fleetwood coast with Dogfish after dark. The ‘channel’ at Fleetwood will probably throw up Flounder to most baits – favourite bait at this time of the year would be black lugworm or peeler crab if you can get any.

    August 5, 2010
  13. jim said:

    What happened to Birds sea fishing trips from fleetwood used to go out with them years ago, I’m 67 and retired and i think it’s time I puled the old rod out again and went in search of the elusif bigun, I wance caught a masif sand dab off blackpool pear? well thats what I told the lads in the pub, I actualy bought it of a seven year old lad, and I cought nowt, he even had the cheek to come back and offer me a eel he had caught, The little bleeder I told him to buger off or I would use him as bait. about an hour later he apeared again but i cold not see anny fish and when he reached me i could see he was criying, please mister he shouted something has stung me, a little fish. I new what it was and rushed him to the hospital with a weaver sting in the palm of his hand we rang his mum and when she arived I left to go back to the peer, only to find that somone had stolen my fishing gear, What a day who got stug?.

    March 8, 2011
  14. ken said:

    hi , anybody tell me if there is fishing available near the shard bridge (i think its called ) seen someone fishing while i was on holiday couple of years ago



    August 21, 2011
  15. Stu said:

    Hi Ken – thanks for visiting.

    I’ve never fished near the bridge myself but i’d expect you’d get Flounder there on peeler crab during spring / early summer and ragworm or lugworm during autumn / winter.

    August 24, 2011
  16. cobstan warren said:

    hi STU
    sorry its taken me such a while to reply to your email!!
    when i lived in suffolk i worked out of lowestoft on the trawlers on share boats,

    went out for any thing from 6 days to 16 days.
    the skipper would always ask me how did i get on fishing off the beach where i lived.

    i suppose they could not understand why a fisherman would spend upto 21 days fishing then come home and do fishing from the beach?

    i loved it learning how to read the beach at low tide, practising casting over 150 yards, to get out to where the deep cully was, i used local lug that i dug up from a place called benacre.
    i think then 50 pence would get you 100 lugs, i even made my own beach rods of 15-16 foot and sell them to the local fishing shop in lowestoft on london road.

    i even came ashore and worked in a fish house, filliting all types of fish, funny when i first started for the first 2 weeks i think my take home pay was £10 after that my money wenmt up over a few months i could clear £200 in 3 days starting at 3am each morning and finishing around 8-9am then coming home and getting ready to go to Norwich UEA.

    thanks warren

    December 25, 2011
  17. cobstan warren said:

    Where i lived in suffolk Which was Kessingland beach. it was an old fishermans cottage about 200 yards may be less, from the beach.

    From that beach, You could catch ginyies whiting, dads plaice good ones at that and dover soles upt 1 -2lbs. but for those dover soles it was a good walk up to benacre point, codling and some big cod as well. i once caught a 30lb cod off the beach in December, I was the only one fishing, But when the news got out, that streach of beach had far more people on it than when the lights is switched on.

    It’s like when i fished from spurn point east yorkshire, they say the best time to fish is when is coming in, But it is also better to fish there as the tide is starting to turn, What i mean by that you start in the humber, and follow the out going tide. ok you end up fishing in the north sea, but in those 2 hours that i fished i had 2 rods in, i no sooner placed my rod on the stand, my other rod was dipping.

    i took and struck took the slack up then i ran up the beach there were 2 codlings about 6lb each. then i leaped froged up the beach cast out, got the bottom, my other rod started again 2 more, on that streach of the beach i landed 7 good cod from 6 -8lbs.

    the only time i have seen that amount of fish being landed was when i worked on trawlers


    December 26, 2011

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