Last Sea Fishing Visit to Anglesey of 2009

Plas Cymryan - Is this the most perfect place to live?
Plas Cymryan - Is this the most perfect place to live?

We spend the last weekend of September on Anglesey searching for Small Eyed Rays and any other denizens of the deep we could find.

Unfortunately no one told the fish that our reason for being on the island was to catch a few of them and the two times we ventured out we didn’t even have a bite – let alone manage to land anything of substance. As it was we weren’t that bothered, we just needed a little break before the mayhem that is the run up to Christmas and if you can’t relax on Anglesey there is something wrong with you.

Perfect bait placement - now where are the fish?
Perfect bait placement - now where are the fish?

As well as trying at Cymryan we had a go for Bass in the inland sea, which is the large body of water separating Holy Island from Anglesey proper but the only fish we saw were a few small Bass or Mullet jumping wherever our baits weren’t.

So that’s it for Anglesey this year – we’ll be back chasing Bass in the spring but until then it’s eyes to the weather as we hope for a few winter storms to bring in the Cod up here in Lancashire.



  1. Stewart said:

    I have followed your ‘adventures’ over the past year and fished some of the same places (limited success, nothing exotic)in Angelsey. I do not recognise Cymryan, it looks fishy! Where do access the inland sea?

    October 7, 2009
  2. Stu said:

    Hi Stewart.

    You can get to cymyran by following the signs for RAF valley then going down the track that runs to the west of it – park near plas cymyran, the house, where there is a ‘bowl’ in the sand but make sure you park high up or your car will get wet :)

    The place we fish the inland sea is opposite Penrhos Park, near the tyre place (can’t rember it’s name) just as the old road goes (A5) over to holy island.

    October 8, 2009
  3. Stewart said:

    Thanks for the info.
    Will be ‘popping’ across at the end of the month. So depending how the weather is, I quite fancy Amlwch off the rocks or Port Lynas (great for porpoises!)good variety.

    October 8, 2009

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