Dec 152010

Dab caught sea fishing from Rossall Hospital, FleetwoodAfter my previous sea fishing trips to Fleetwood it was with some dismay that I found out that BLAS had to have the Christmas match before the Christmas meeting and after the first attempt was a resounding blank for everyone the venue chosen was Rossall Hospital.

I’ve not had much luck here this year either due to weed, weather or just being a bit crap but I was determined to catch. The sea was flat calm but there was no sign of the rafts of weed that have plagued us recently and the temperature was at least above zero (just).

The only drawback was lack of fresh bait due to the cold snap earlier in the week so armed with frozen Black Lug, Squid and Mackerel I set up opposite a small gap in the sandbank hoping that the smelly May 2009 vintage Black Lug and Squid cocktails would tempt a few Dabs.

Eight of us fished to the right of the slipway while the Fleetwood club, also having a match, set up to the right and the wait began. Shacky was first in with a double header of undersized Dabs  and soon everyone except Dave had caught some of these little flatties. As well as an in size Dab I managed a small Flounder on Mackerel (too small dammit) and Tom managed to snare a half decent Whiting on his last cast.

I had a great afternoon with good company which was made even better by finally breaking my run of bad luck, admittedly it was only a Dab but damn – it was good to catch a fish. I even came third and this being BLAS’s only cash match won a whole… wait for it… TEN pounds.

This is one of the reasons I love being a member of Blackpool and Layton Angling Society, there is some stunning silverware to be won and some of the anglers within the club are exceptionally skilled but being part of BLAS is all about mates, matches are realistically just a good excuse to get together and catch (pardon the pun) up.

anglers sea fishing at rossall hospital near fleetwood

The Fleetwood club set up to our right

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  2. May 2009 lol.

  3. It worked though Ian, even though it was like spreading black lard on the hooks :)

  4. Hi ..can some one give me some info >?????
    I was in Fleetwood yesterday 20th April for the very first time..on business..i parked out side the North Euston Hotel and walked down to the estuary…it looked fantastic !!!
    Can anybody tell me about the fishing ? especially this time of year…..i am itching to fish…and is out side the North Euston a good place ?
    Thanking you all in anticipation.

  5. Hi roger

    We fish a fair bit at Fleetwood Channel – which is opposite the hotel

    Have a look here
    and here for all the fleetwood posts:

    Hope this helps a bit


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