Jun 192012

Rainbow Trout from Mere Beck Fly Fishery

We’ve not been out sea fishing for a while as the weather hasn’t been too clever but we did manage to get out for a quick fly fishing session at our local fly fishery, Mere Beck.

The weather was against us with bright sun, no cloud cover and almost no wind which meant mirror flat, calm conditions but I still persevered with trying to catch on a dry fly, off the surface. I had a couple of ‘nudges’ but nothing to get excited about. Wendy, after managing to catch a small Rudd on a fly she’d tied herself – a ‘Suspender Buzzer’ made with a piece of foam as the float, eventually gave up with the subtle approach and tied on my favourite lure, a ‘Yellow Dancer’.

Almost instantly she was into a fish, a lovely Rainbow Trout of a couple of pounds which was quickly photo’d then released to fight another day.

Mere Beck is being re-stocked this week in preparation for the  George Imrie Memorial Competition in memory of the founder, the competition is on Saturday between 10am and 4pm, more details can be found on the Mere Beck website. If your in the area I recommend giving it a go, it’s a lovely fishery and well worth a visit.

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