About This Blog

This blog is mainly about times spent sea fishing, fell walking and just generally being outside, around the North West of the UK (Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside), North Wales and Anglesey but we have ventured up to Scotland and down to Devon so you never can tell what will turn up. Hopefully it will also go in to the tackle we use while we are out angling, bait collection, places to stay, photography and other sea angling miscellanea.

How did it become what you see today?

As this blog seems to have developed a bit since I first started it I thought I’d try and explain a bit about it and what it’s supposed to be and how it got to where it is now.

Saltwater Flyfishing for Bass on Anglesey

I initially started this blog as a way to keep track of my sea fishing in an easy to retrieve way – things such as location, times, weather, tackle, techniques and baits used and the results achieved. I started by using blogger, the free service provided by google and customised the look and feel of the resulting web presence into something i felt was more in keeping with what I wanted.

After a while I also started posting about our walking trips around the North West of the UK then I started getting a bit more serious in my blogging.


I work in internet development and as blogging was the ‘new’ thing I wanted to see just how easy or difficult it was to achieve good search engine results with a bit of knowledge and a good understanding of the content contained within the site.

This went very well but after a while through no particular reason I stopped blogging. Work, too much other stuff going on in my life or just lack of motivation, I’m not sure why I stopped but about a year and a half ago I started back up again.

The reason for starting it back up?

I find writing about the things I do and see around this fantastic country of ours helps keep me sane!!! Seriously though, it’s a way to put down and share the amazing things I see on our doorstep and when I see people are reading it – well that’s just amazing.

About a year ago I switched from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress based site as it gave me more options for customisation. The WordPress plugins system is great for just adding extra functionality and the Themes (the way the site looks) enable you to easily change the overall appearance of the blog very easily.

What Next?

Bee Orchid on the edge of a lake at Mere Beck

I’ve just stopped using a custom Theme based very loosely on gear and I’m experimenting with an excellent one called Suffusion so we’ll see how far I can push this new one.

The blog is now much more than Sea Fishing and Walking in the UK – it is a place for me to show photographs of our wonderful environment and hopefully explain a little about what you are seeing. Obviously there will still be a lot of sea angling on here but anytime I find something to do with just being outside that I think is interesting I’ll write a little something about it and maybe, just maybe, someone will learn something new and be inspired to get out there and have a look for themselves.