The internet has revolutionised how we get information on many subjects and is increasing the first place you should look when finding out about potential sea fishing marks, tackle and gear shops, birding spots or just somewhere to stay.

Here are a few links that I have found useful while wondering around the ‘web’, whenever I find a new resource that I think is useful I’ll add it to this list (I know there are more but these are ones I have personally used / bought things from so I suppose you could consider them a ‘mini’ recommendation)

Bait Suppliers

  • Blackpool Angling Centre
    Fishing Tackle and Bait Supplier – good supplies of fresh lug, rag and crab as well as the usual frozen sea baits
  • Valley Baits
    Suppler of quality rag, lug, peeler crab and frozen sea baits on the NW of Anglesey
  • Waynes Tackle – Preston
    Good supply of fresh lug and frozen sea fishing baits

Fishing Locations, Tactics and Other Information

Fishing Tackle and Outdoor Gear Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Fishtec
    Suppliers of the Airflo brand of fly fishing products
  • Gerry's of Morecambe
    Well known supplier of sea fishing tackle in the NW of the UK – if we want some sea fishing gear we don’t want to mail order this is usualy where we get it.
  • Glasgow Angling
    Fishing tackle mail order, we use Glasgow Angling to get any mail order fly fishing stuff we need
  • Hardy, Greys and Chub fishing tackle.
    Manufacturer of the finest game fishing tackle in the world
  • Ted Carter Fishing Tackle
    Well established fishing tackle shop, this is where we get our fly fishing stuff if we don’t want to get it mail order
  • Veals
    If we want to get some sea fishing gear mail order this is where we get it from
  • Zziplex Rods
    Wendy’s fishing rod of choice – absolutely brilliant rods

General Links

Wildlife Information and Conservation

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