May 152011
Formby Point Bass Hunt

With the gear only just cleaned from our Anglesey visit the weather looked spot on for a touch of sea fishing at Formby Point, Merseyside. The strong Westerly made for some impressive looking surf as I arrived on the beach to meet up with Kev and Chris, Kev had already had one small Bass and Chris a Flounder of 1lb 9oz so things were certainly looking hopeful. Unfortunately for me that’s all they did, look… Even with the freshly pumped [… read rest of post]

Oct 172010
Cod on the Rocks at Seaforth Docks

After picking up our POLSAF (Port of Liverpool Sea Angling Federation) passes a few weeks ago we joined a few of the guys from Wirral Sea Fishing for our first venture fishing the rocks at Seaforth docks. As we were new to the venue we thought it better to tag along with some guys that were familiar with the mark so we met up with the guys at the designated car parking area 2½ hours before high water. The target [… read rest of post]

Sep 062010
Return to Perch Rock

Met up with a few of the guys from Blackpool and Layton Angling Society for an afternoon sea fishing match at Perch Rock, New Brighton, and to get details of how to get a Port of Liverpool Sea Angling Federation (POLSAF) permit to enable us to fish Liverpool Docks Alex Wall in time for the winter Cod season (I can always hope). As BLAS matches aren’t exactly serious I elected to alternate casting fairly close in with a two hook [… read rest of post]

Aug 172010
Rays of Sun but no Thornback Rays at Perch Rock

Once more the urge to get up at stupid o’clock overcame my common sense as it does with a lot a sea anglers as I made my way South through Liverpool and under the Mersey to meet up with a few of the guys from the Wirral Sea Fishing website at Perch Rock, New Brighton. The target species for this sea fishing trip was Thornback Ray as a few had come out of the mark in previous weeks. We would [… read rest of post]

Jun 282010
Early Morning Sea Fishing Assault on the Rock Channel for Smooth Hounds

Sea Fishing… it brings out the nutter in some people and last weekend I joined the crazy crew as a few of us arrived at the mark known as The Rock Channel at New Brighton on the Wirral Peninsula, Merseyside at 4:15am. Yes, you read that correctly just past 4 in the morning, I’d left the house at 3am arriving to meet a few of the guys from the Wirral Sea Fishing forum after driving South through an eerily quiet [… read rest of post]

Jun 132010
Sea Fishing the Rock Channel for Smooth-hounds

It’s that time of year when normally sane (if there is such a thing) sea anglers treck miles out onto a sandbar at New Brighton called The Rock Channel in the yearly pilgrimage to catch a Smooth hound. I had a go last year as you can see here with not much success but this time I’d at least heard of a few coming out the previous week. As I was driving through Liverpool the weather changed dramatically for the [… read rest of post]

Jun 252009
Photography Practice and Avocets at Marshside

As the weather has been so good this week we went for a quick walk to RSPB Marshside, Southport, to see if we could spot the Avocets and chicks that have started breeding on the marshes in recent years. As per normal we took almost every piece of optical equipment we owned assuming the birds would be miles and miles away. Shock of shocks! There birds were on the rapidly drying up pond as close to the road as they [… read rest of post]

Jun 012009
Early Morning Smoothhound Hunt

Just how fantastic has the weather been this past week? I’ve never walked our local River Douglas so much, nor seen so much wildlife – from Arctic Terns flying up the river searching for fish to Painted Lady butterflies ‘dancing’ in the evening sun, it’s just been magnificent. I’d been looking forward to giving the ‘Rock Chanel’ a go for years and now that I’d finally got some decent chest waders from Scierra I set off at 7am Sunday morning, [… read rest of post]

Apr 132009
Formby Bank Holiday Bass Hunt

The call went out to all like minded fools (I mean sea anglers) that Kev was going down to Formby Point, Merseyside for a Bank Holiday Bass hunt. I didn’t need much encouragement although getting up at 4:45am so that I could have breakfast, make a flask of coffee  and load the car before arriving at the Lifeboat Road car park did make me wonder at the state of my sanity. The foolhardy few that woke to the sound of [… read rest of post]

Jun 012008
A Long Rest From Blogging

Well… that was a bit of a long gap between posts, I don’t know what happened or why I stopped but I guess it was something to do with the the fact that we haven’t really been fishing properly since last summer. We’ve dabbled a bit but I think we were both a bit run down after the disappointment of our Devon trip and just couldn’t get motivated. But thats all over now! The tackle has been cleaned, line replaced [… read rest of post]